Friday, June 28, 2013

Habitat For Humanity KC Moves Focus To Building Neighborhoods

KCTV5 reports a new strategy for a "white hat" Kansas City operation - Habitat for Humanity KC working to revitalize entire neighborhoods - "For the past 34 years, Habitat for Humanity Kansas City has helped families get into their very own home, but now it's going beyond that and revitalizing entire neighborhoods."


Anonymous said...

Dear Habitat for Humanity:

We do NOT want your subrate housing in our neighborhood. If your building structures can not conform to the existing structures in the neighborhood, your presence in neighborhoods is unwelcome.


Property owner

Anonymous said...

Yea, we only want that stucco bullshit!

Anonymous said...

If you cant buy in a new subdivision you can eat shit and die!

Anonymous said...

When they get done bucking for press I wish they would get their asses over here and patch my fence