Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrate The Kansas City Staubio Timelapse

Just a quick thought for this Kansas City overnight . . . Staubio is a merciless Kansas City Toy Train Advocate who will boycott anybody who questions the logic of spending $100 MIL on an old school transit system that only travels 2.1 miles.

Recently, he has been wistfully dreaming of the upcoming Kansas City line and provides a timelapse of downtown town traffic that might someday include the multi-million dollar mistake. Check it:

12th and Main Downtown Kansas City Timelapse

It needs a soundtrack but it's still worth a glimpse if only to prove that just about every other white dude in the metro is an amateur urban planner.

Hopefully, we'll have more BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, local content, links, discussion, debate, discourse, hateration and all kinds of good stuff in just a few . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Byron The Chip Fairy said...

I want to pull a train.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a grand piano will fall out of a condo window on top of Staubio while he's walking to his blessed toy train. Karma is some weird shit and operates in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

This asshole isn't even from here. That is funny part. He apparently enjoys insulting people with real critical thinking abilities also.