Friday, May 03, 2013

Gemma Merna And The TKC Friday Morning

Gemma Merna and her IMPRESSIVE blonde hotness is worth revisiting as we search for important Kansas City mainstream media links this morning . . .

- Kansas City's NBC Action News reveals that there are no casino tricks, only people who don't understand statistics or rules of probability played out over time.

- KMBC and Kansas City Morning Crash: Two walk away from mangled wreckage, third seriously injured

- Not even doctors can figure out banking deals: Homeowner describes refinancing headache with major bank

- Lawyer Human Interest: To avert layoffs, public defender retires early

- Kansas City Consumer Advocacy: KCTV5 intervenes in eviction case that never should have happened

- The Good Kind Of Auto Recall: Laid off workers to get jobs back at Ford plant

- Show-Me Voodoo Economics: Missouri GOP prepares a new tax cut proposal

- Chiefs Offensive Foibles: Andy Reid maps out line plan

- Power Play: Missouri Senate opponents squelch electric utility surcharge bill

- Sunflower State Still Wants More Guns: Applications up for Kansas concealed carry

- Golden Ghetto Drunk Lookout: OPPD to Conduct DUI Saturation Patrol Friday Night


Anonymous said...

Nobody should do business with Bank America. They are totally rude, unprofessional and shouldn't even be allowed to be in the banking industry. Horrible place to bank.

Anonymous said...

That was a piss poor piece about casinos. They didn't even question about the cycle times when machines begin hit or stay cold, or the probability of hitting when betting max, etc. Another shameless PR plug for the local casinos. You bet they are rigged!