Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Kansas City's most prolific anti-crime activist offers this update about his efforts to help find missing children . . .

Comic Book Creator & anti crime activist vows to rededicate himself to finding America's forgotten children (The Forgotten Six) after the rescue of 3 Cleveland women & a child.

America rejoiced after the rescue of 3 missing women (Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus and Michelle Knight) in Cleveland. The discovery of these women was a very joyous news event but the fact remains that most of America's missing children are often forgotten. The saddest fact of this subject is that the darker you are the less national media attention you will receive.

Over a decade ago comic book creator and activist, Alonzo Washington began to raise awareness about missing African American children after a beheaded African American child was found in the woods of Kansas City, Missouri. The child's was dubbed Precious Doe by the community and Mr. Washington started a crusade to identify her and capture her killers. During that quest he was contacted by many African American parents who's missing children he had never heard of that were wondering if Precious Doe could have been their child.

In response, Mr. Washington created a missing child comic book & missing children trading cards to bring national attention to the Precious Doe case & to help find other missing African American children. The comic books & trading cards were titled America's Forgotten Children. Some of the children featured in the trading cards and comic books were found. In fact, Alonzo Washington ended up generating the tip that finally solved the Precious Doe case. He learned that the missing decapitated child's name was Erica Green and her parents were her killers.

Mr. Washington's knows that exposure and advocacy can bring answers in missing people cases. He wants to help produce more miracles like the one in Cleveland and make more heroes like Charles Ramsey.

Mr. Washington will re-release the America's Forgotten Children comic book & trading card series in order to help find 6 missing children from his list from five different cities (Chicago, Miami, St. Louis, San Diego & Milwaukee) . He also will begin to raise funds to be able to visit these cities to organize vigils for these missing children and purchase newspaper ads to help generate tips in their cases. Utilizing Youtube & the press Mr. hopes to collect donations & national attention that will give him the ability to solve the following missing children cases:

1). Alexis Patterson: Went missing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 03, 2002. She was 7 years old.

2). Rilya Wilson: Last seen January 18, 2001. She is missing from Miami, Florida and she was 4 years old.

3). Jahi Turner: Last seen on April 25, 2002. Missing from San Diego, California.

4). Diamond & Tionda Bradley: Went missing July 6, 2001. They were 3 and 10 when they went missing from Chicago, Illinois.

5). Christian Ferguson: Went missing June 01, 2002 from St. Louis.

These poor missing children are the Forgotten Six. They are not famous. They have never had nationally recognized network reporters standing out in front of their homes or been the subject of national news programs for months at a time. It is Alonzo Washington's hope to change that reality by raising enough funds to bring new attention to their cases. Mr. Washington can be interviewed via; phone, Skype, Fast Time or e-mail. To contact him call: (913) 321-6764. Donations for this effort may be sent to:

Omega 7 Inc./The Forgotten Six Fund
P.O. Box 171046
Kansas City, KS 66117

All contributors that give a donation over $6.00 dollars will receive a autographed copy of the America's Forgotten Children comic book. Click the following link to see the Forgotten Six Youtube video:




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beats working

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How does Alonzo make his money? Is it exclusively from grifting anti-crime funds from KCMO? Or is he supported by a sugar momma/daddy?

harold penner man o fashion said...

Welfare. Disability on some of his kids. If Obama had a cousin who drew his hairline with a sharpie, he would look like lonzo.