Sunday, April 21, 2013


Kansas opposition to gun control takes a dramatic turn when it comes to the nicer cities in Johnson County. While Kansas has always been a PROFOUNDLY RED STATE in terms of GOP voting - On the topic of gun control it's clear to see that so much opposition from RINOS and Golden Ghetto housewives on the subject of open carry reveals that they are unwilling to tow the conservative party line when it comes to life in their own nicer part of the world.

To wit . . . .


They vow to forge ahead but don't tell us exactly how . . . Take a look:


The Libertarian Party of Kansas strongly disagrees with the Honorable David W. Hauber’s decision to dismiss our open-carry lawsuit against the municipalities of Leawood and Prairie Village. Obviously, we are disappointed, but our resolve has not wavered. It is a shame that these cities have been able to abuse their power to this degree. We will continue to move on this issue until the abridgment of Kansans’ civil rights to open-carry firearms has ended.

We have yet to fully examine our options moving forward on the case. These options may include an appeal or a new filing on behalf of one or more individuals who have come forward, since our case began, to tell us of how they have been directly injured by these ordinances.

We also renew our call for Attorney General Schmidt to take on this issue, support his Opinions with action, and defend the Constitution of this great State.

Our fight for justice has clearly exposed Leawood and Prairie Village as defiantly denying their citizens’ legal, Second Amendment rights in the face of clear State law. The cities engaging in this blatant disregard for the law have admitted publically and privately that they are violating the law with their ordinances, but they continue to refuse to remedy this activity. They WILL NOT change without someone standing up for what is right, fair, and legal.

Libertarians and freedom loving people in Kansas will not let this stand. The LPKS will not stop pressing until Kansans are allowed to exercise their clear, constitutional rights.


Anonymous said...

Moms don't like guns and they run the show in JoCo. No surprise.

Superdave said...

Honorable David W. Hauber’s in his ruling more or less told The Libertarian Party of Kansas how they need to proceed in winning that case. As a person in the know told me, "this isn't the "great victory" that it is being played up to be. The band is just only warming up here. The real concert will start soon."

Anonymous said...

When the blackterial infection gets stronger in Joco, the mommies will all be lined up for conceal carry permits. The black guys that will rob and kill them are a lot different from the black guys they bang on the weekend when the hubby is banging his receptionist.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't live somewhere that allowed open carry.

Anonymous said...

Gee 5:22, I'd prefer not to live where pieces of shit rob, kill and rape their way to greater happiness.But alas, I'm stuck here in KC for the foreseeable future.At least I can defend myself legally here.

Anonymous said...

So, the libertarians are all about decentralized government, but when the majority in these two cities disagree, they change their tune.

I hope we ascertain how those two Boston terrorists got their weapons. I'm thinking it did not take much of an effort.

Wayne LaPierre said...

Buy more guns, ammo. Dems are going to come to your bunkers and take your stuff as well.

Former Ag Sec. Earl Butz said...

These Nig Nogs even manage to shoot up a 420 festival where they represent .01% of he population.
Just a hopeless situation.

Anonymous said...

6:39, I wouldn't say that libertarians are about any sort of government, centralized or decentralized. Regardless, your argument is weak. Here's why: The right of self-protection is a negative right. In other words, you don't have to ask for it. To suggest that Kansas state law is granting such a right would be to imply that the right to defend one's self is a positive right -- a right granted by your sovereign. The three municipalities where your "majority" doesn't want open carry (and who let you decide the majority's wishes?) are exerting a positive rights claim on a negative rights issue. Like all gun bans, this is in conflict with the U.S. Constitution on these grounds.

Anonymous said...

None of the amendments to the bill of right is absolute and limitless. If the recent bill was in conflict with the 2nd, the over the counter retail background check would have been struck down. This simply extended the "loophole" of internet and gun show sales.

The Madison papers provides insight into the rationale for the 2nd amendment.

Now, march down to Walmart and get more ammo before the feds come to take that away.

Wayne L.