Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BREAKING!!! Congressman Cleaver Works For Healthcare Reform For The Chronically Sick

Check the latest presser from Congressman Cleaver on the topic of healthcare reform . . .

Congressman Cleaver Fights for Changes for Chronically Ill

Kansas City - Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II, has reintroduced the Patient Centered Quality Care for Life Act (HR 1666) to help those with chronic and serious illness in Missouri’s Fifth District, and around the country, get better, clearer and more comprehensive health care. This bipartisan legislation focuses on making sure palliative care is available to patients and families facing serious or life threatening illness. It also provides assistance for creating excellence in workforce training for those caring for patients, public education and advocacy, and research.

“It can be a very confusing and emotionally exhausting time for loved ones as they try to care for chronically ill family members,” said Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II. “Unfortunately, right now, those who need to focus on fighting their illness must also battle a deluge of confusing information, duplicative tests and multiple doctors. Palliative care provides patients with a team of trained professionals to help them address their care and improve their quality of life.”
Congressman Cleaver continues his efforts to reach across the aisle and work with all legislators. Co-sponsoring this bill with him is Alabama’s Sixth District Republican Congressman Spencer Bacchus.

"We know that more people are living for longer periods of time after being treated for cancer and other serious illnesses," said U.S. Representative Bacchus. "But there are often gaps in the follow-up care they receive. Through better awareness and coordination of services, we can help people more easily resume daily life after difficult medical treatments. We can also reduce fragmentation that raises costs in our health care system."

Palliative care is one of the fastest growing trends in health care. One of the driving forces behind the service is to give patients added support with specialists who can help navigate the medical landscape. Removing unnecessary stress and coordinating care for both the patient and the patient’s family are top priorities of this legislation. Legislation that is endorsed by the American Cancer Society.

"This legislation launches a national effort to improve the fragmented care that people with cancer and other serious diseases often receive, and ensure a seamless experience delivered by doctors and nurses in a team-based approach that treats a patient's pain and other symptoms, along with the disease itself," said Chris Hansen, president of the American Cancer Society Action Network (ACS CAN). "With access to palliative care, patients' quality of life is improved from the point of diagnosis, during treatment, and follow up care."

The Patient Centered Quality Care for Life Act Would:

*Authorize a National Patient-Centered Care and Quality of Life Stakeholder Strategic Summit to analyze and identify strategy for improving the quality of life for the rapidly growing population of patients facing serious illness.

*Establish a Quality of Life Patient and Professional Awareness Initiative to educate patients about the health advantages of receiving patient centered palliative care and the services it provides.

*Establish a professional workforce initiative to train allied health professionals including nurses, nursing assistants, social workers and patient navigators to enhance symptom assessment and management, communications skills, coordinated care and other quality of life focused treatment for all clinical specialties.

*Direct the National Institutes of Health Director to expand and intensify national research programs in symptom management, palliative, psychosocial and survivorship care.

“Research tells us that palliative care works, giving patients a better chance of prolonging life and doing it in a cost-efficient and dignified way,” said Representative Cleaver. “And our heart tells us that taking care of the ill and their families, in the best way possible, is the right thing to do.”


Anonymous said...

How about Cleaver work for reform for the chronic dead beats and pay his own effing bills!!

Anonymous said...

Nigga can't run a car wash an he gonna reform health care like Moses at the red sea. I say boolshit.

Anonymous said...

9:19 FTW!

Anonymous said...

If cleaver is working for health care reform for the chronically Ill its because someone he knows needs it, sort of like his church that he is the minister of, he fights for infrastructure money on capital hill, brings the money back to KC and gets his kickback through his congregation who gets the lions share of these contracts via "tithing" all this while fighting the IRS for issues the Government isnt scared to bring out through the IRS because he cant refocus them by saying "is this a black thing"?

Anonymous said...

Look, if he is as sleazy as you all say he is, you can look at this bill he is working on and read between the lines that he is working on (so-called pretending to help) terminally ill people. So whats next....death panels?

Anonymous said...

Leave moses out of this. The red sea isn't a car wash. Moses would at least pay his bills.

Anonymous said...

Must be a way for Swope or Truman to benefit.

Anonymous said...

Piece-Of-Shit Congresscritter.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need this Obamacare was going to save us all.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is a shitbag. He lies and steals and cheats.