Friday, April 26, 2013

Admit it, Eric Fisher Kinda Sucks As A 1st Round Draft Pick For The Kansas City Chiefs!!!

In what might be been one of the worst NFL drafts in history, the Kansas City Chiefs made a conservative, cheap and boring choice that's not only reflective of their continually FAILED front ownership philosophy but also offers some insight into how the team plays football.

To wit . . .


Look for the media to tout these attributes of the pick . . .

He's very friendly . . . Doesn't matter and doesn't help during a game.

He has a strong academic background . . . Then he shouldn't have taken a job that doesn't involve a helmet.

He's really excited to play in Kansas City . . . Obviously, he's unfamiliar with the history of this franchise.

WaPo: NFL Draft 2013: Eric Fisher goes first overall as offensive tackles dominate early picks

SI: The Chiefs can drop Fisher in at left tackle and turn their full focus to remaking the rest of the team to fit Reid and GM John Dorsey’s vision. Fisher has all the tools to live up to his No. 1 pick.

ESPN: Fisher was only the third offensive tackle picked No. 1

In conclusion . . . He's a great run blocker which means NOTHING in the NFL and because he's been playing against college losers that means his big league pass protection skills are almost totally untested.

With most of the league focusing on offensive lineman during the 1st round . . . The Chiefs are obviously tied into the groupthink and mob mentality of so many other teams with bigger budgets, better TV markets and a greater depth of talent.

The choice was safe and there's no reason that team a dwelling at the bottom of the league should want to maintain the status quo even if that kind of self-destructive mentality is a character trait that defines Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah. Really.

Don't write about sports and Kansas City's teams if you hate them so much.

Superdave said...

Admit it, Kansas City Chiefs Kinda Suck As A Football Team!!!

Anonymous said...

Being a realist about the team and its ability is one thing--the team probably isn't going to be very good. Being a cynical ass is another thing. Tony's ongoing war of cynicism with sports gets old after awhile.

Anonymous said...

Roid boy be on here after a bit saying what a great move it was for Kansas City and how he alone pushed the Chiefs to pick Fisher because he the King of Stink knows it all.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether Eric is the offensive lineman who can change things -- he might be -- but the main (on field) problem with the team has been the O-line for years. No quarterback, running back or receiver will make a damn bit of difference until we have a line that can slow up the defensive rush.

Anonymous said...

Talk about 'roid boy!
"He started to grow up when he got to college." "He is now 302 lbs. and 6' 7".

Orphan of the Road said...

I dreamed I was trapped in some concentric ring of Dante's Inferno.

There I wa,s forced to listen for all eternity to Tony and Yael debate sports.

In a year without any standout, can't-miss-by-consensus player, Fisher was a prudent pick.

The move from college to the pros is a BIG step. Talk to me in 3-4 years about this pick.

Compared to Pioli's first picks, it is already a win for the fans.

Didn't grab somebody who was really a second- or third-round pick with their first pick means this is a prudent gamble.

In the weeks, months, eons between the Super Bowl and the draft, we had draft guru, Socott Pioli, telling us how you draft a great player.

On first hearing him I thought, This must be The Onion's TV news.

Why not have a round table with Pioli, Matt Millen and Mike Brown use their great success in picking players to tell the world how this is done. (sarcasim font is off now).

Anonymous said...

The Mid American Conference has never been too demanding when it comes to testing for banned substances.

Anonymous said...

Admit it, StupidDope, you suck as a human being.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have a good left tackle, you might as well not play.

Anonymous said...

8:40, I like his self-portrait.

Anonymous said...

8:59 Looks airbrushed to me. I don't think he's that pretty.

Anonymous said...

Tony's a guy I want to play poker with. Stays in the game trying to hit that backdoor draw.

Anonymous said...

J Charles will greatly benefit from this.

Anonymous said...

The pick sucks (according to Tony) because the Chiefs drafted an oversized white guy.

On the other hand, if his name was Enrico Gonzalez, Tony would not only already have a new Chiefs jersey; he would have modified one of his innumerable GI Joe dolls into a Rico "Suave" Gonzalez action figure. But I digress.