Sunday, March 17, 2013


While the drunken celebration is in full swing right now in Kansas City . . . Let's remember that this date also marks the anniversary of Kansas City Clerk Tony Singh gunned down on his last shift.

South Kansas City political leader MD Alam is still working to honor Singh's memory . . . Note that MD Alam has recently taken a hit from national media regarding his controversial stance on 9/11.

Nevertheless . . . This anniversary and effort to keep late night clerks in Kansas City safe has garnered a great deal of support and remains one of the few, local initiatives to protect the safety of graveyard shift workers in a practical sense from this town's mostly elitist political class.

Check it:

R.I.P. Tony Singh 3rd Death Anniversary on March 17, 2013


Tony Singh was a 35 years old man was robbed, gunned down and murdered in a 7-Eleven store on Bannister RD and James A Reed Rd in South Kansas City, Missouri in the United States of America. Tony Singh was killed on March 17, Wednesday 2010 on his night shift job after he got shot. Tony Singh was born in India and then moved to USA with parents and raised in Kansas City area in Missouri,. USA. The full name of Tony Singh was "Gurpreet Tony Kandola Singh". Ajit Kandola Singh father of Tony Singh and Gurbassan Buti Kandola Singh brother of Tony Singh are residents of Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA. But Tony Singh was a resident of Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

At the age of 35 when Tony Singh was killed, he left two children behind Sonny Kandola (14) and Simran Kaur (12) now staying with their uncle Gurbassan Tony's elder brother. Tony's mother also lives in Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA. Aman Kaur Tony's younger sister is a resident of California, USA.

After the death of Tony Singh friends and families of Tony Singh are pushing a new law in the state of Missouri to promote and establish the Legacy of Tony Singh the Tony Singh Bill. MD Alam one of the friends of Tony Singh is leading the Tony Singh Bill effort and working to establish the legacy of the name of Tony Singh.

What: Press Conference on R.I.P Tony Singh's 3rd Death Anniversary

When: March 17, 2013 (Sunday)

Time: 7:00 PM

Where: 7/11 Parking Lot (9520 James A Reed Rd, Kansas City, MO 64134, USA)

Please Join with us. Let us build a safe community and have your voice be heard.


Anonymous said...

Was this one solved?

chuck said...

Fuck MD Alam the whack job fuck.

RIP Mr. Singh.

I am sure the media said you "Were in the wrong place at the wrong time".

Fuck MD Alam the whack job fuck. said...

I second the motion...

Anonymous said...

You fuckers need to shut the fuck up and put some respect on R.I.P Tony Sing's Friend MD Alam. Fuckers.