Sunday, March 03, 2013

Lucy Pinder And Kansas City Sunday Links!!!

Lucy Pinder graces the cover of another magazine in glorious fashion and we compile some noteworthy Kansas City mainstream media links to start the day . . .

- Hardcore helping hand: Bikers take icy plunge to help woman battling cancer

- Old school local justice: Relics of legal history are exhibited in a new gallery at the federal courthouse in KC.

- Former Local Football Great: Gary Barbaro inducted into Chiefs Hall of Fame

- KCK Accident Aftermath: Carport collapses, temporarily trapping one person

- Winning Kick-Off: Sporting KC opens MLS season with win over Philly

- KU, MU, K-State B-ball Roundup From Al Wallace

- Cotown Star Gazer: Joseph Wright of Lawson, Mo., is operations manager of the Warkoczewski (Varko-CHEF-ski) observatory at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He acts as a liaison between the Astronomical Society of Kansas City and the UMKC physics department.

- Show-Me Fishy News: Missouri's State Parks began the 2013 season with what they are calling "The Year of the Trout" with "Troutapalooza."

- Snowflower State Fishy report: Fishing forecast for Kansas

-Jason Whitlock On Kansas City QB draft history: "Equivalent of running a whorehouse and forbidding the maddam from hiring women w/daddy issues."


Anonymous said...

I can't believe those bikers would be raising funds for greedy breast cancer patients when we all know ALL available resources should go to needy black people. Right TKC?

Jaded Sage said...

Mr. Links

Anonymous said...

Lucy let's me express myself all over my keyboard.