Friday, March 22, 2013

Lucy And Kansas City Friday Early Links!!!

Lucy Collett and her TOTALLY NSFW pink photo gallery inspire this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links:

- Kansas City Escape Artist . . . Almost: Authorities are investigating after a man in handcuffs was able to steal a Jackson County sheriff's deputy's car and lead police on a chase.

- Fear The Weather: Major snowstorm on the way this weekend

- Story of a Kansas City hot dog dude

- Infrastructure FAIL: Fire, water main break on Truman Road

- Rock Chalk Hype: Former KU professor talks up hope in Kansas City

- Tragedy Aftermath: Wife remembers loving husband killed in freak accident

- Suicide Aftermath: Rescue crews unable to find two people who jumped from Bond Bridge

- Cowtown: Hacking the Gigabit City

- New York Times: A Home-Court Feeling for 2 Kansas Teams

- From the 2nd worst city in the metro: Blue Springs City Council candidates field questions

- Nasty across the bridge: Man is accused of giving tainted gum to co-workers at Northland grocery

- Keep repeating this Kansas City myth: Tournament brings big business to KC


Anonymous said...

That dude from up north, has to be one of the butt-ugliest cocksuckers, I've ever seen!! What a goddamned freak!! Somebody get a rope!!!

Anonymous said...

A father and daughter joined hands and jumped in the Misery river? WOW, I wonder why? I wonder if incest was involved and they were afraid that it was going to be headlining the nightly 5'Oclock news