Monday, March 04, 2013

Lacy Spice And Kansas City Evening Links!!!

Lacy Spice is an adult model that has yet to do hardcore but still manages to capture an impressive fanbase . . . Accordingly, here's the Kansas City links we're looking at tonight . . .

- Kansas City Snow Charity In The Face Of Fines: Good-hearted KCTV5, radio fans help out snow-bound woman

- Missouri Nasty And Dangerous Case: Man pleads guilty in underage nude photo extortion case

- Show-Me More Money: Missouri revenues up 8.7 percent for 2013 fiscal year

- Mobile Weather Annoyance: Red Cross releases Tornado app

- Local Homeowner Drama: Picture: Homeowner douses disgruntled painter with sprinkler

- Tax game tactics: Arguments begin in H&R Block suit against Turbo Tax ‘attack ad’

- Trimble, MO Crook Foibles: For accused bank robber, one bad decision led to others

- Education discount: KCK school offers pay-what-you-can tuition

- More Doggie Concern: German shepherd survives after she’s thrown off KC overpass

- JoCo Eco-Devo Gamble: Olathe will vote on bonds for Logistics Park project

- Another Kangaroo Switcharoo: The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Nursing announced Monday that it will change its name to the UMKC School of Nursing and Health Studies.

- Grunauer German Restaurant Reigns Supreme: KC eatery named among top beer gardens


Anonymous said...

How can revenues be up in a union thug state where commie unions and socialist steal from the saintly TAXPAYER and black people run around steal from the holy TAXPAYER and democrats strangle small business?

Anonymous said...

Can someone translate 8:35's comment into English? It reads like some nutzo manifesto.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a FUCKING ENGLISHMAN can translate it into "english" for you, you limey-lover.

This is AMERICA asshole. Swim back across the ocean to your commie nanny state socialized medicine precious England and hide under you queens' skirt, faggot. What part of "shall not be abridged" do you not understand.

I plead the 2nd!

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