Friday, March 29, 2013

Craig Glazer Talks Comic Artie Lang For Kansas City Easter Weekend

TKC NOTE: Right now our pal Craig Glazer provides some insight into the comic that he'll be hosting this weekend.

Artie Fletcher: New York City Bad Boy

Well, we figured what better type of comic to bring over for Passover and Easter week than Howard Stern regular and New York Bad Boy, Artie Fletcher. Not to be confused with Artie Lange, Fletcher also has a raw style, but he tries to be nice about it. Like Artie Lange, Fletcher also has a best-selling comedy book out released in 2012. Yes, he sells them after the shows.

Unlike most comics, Artie Fletcher began his career as a serious hard-working actor in New York. Best known for his three seasons on Law & Order: Criminal Intent playing Detective Graziano (a character he reprised on both Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU as well) where he co-starred with Vincent D’Onofrio. It’s when cast members and the producers of Law & Order noticed Artie’s comedic ability that he began to think seriously about doing stand-up comedy. Artie teamed up with New York ‘Rat Pack’ comics Dave Attell, Jim Norton, Jim Florentine as well as the late, great Greg Giraldo.

Artie was a hit performer at Caroline’s Comedy Club on Broadway in NYC and a regular at the Cellar. He got his big break in Las Vegas in the early 2000’s when he was asked to co-star on the big stage with Dianna Ross and then went on to co-star with Bette Midler.

Artie makes the rounds on late night talk shows with Conan and Letterman but may be best remembered for his humorous run-in with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. It went something like this: ‘So, How do you feel about your first time on the Tonight Show with me,’ asked Leno. Artie replied, ‘It’s been great so far, I even got to take a look at Conan’s dressing room just down the hall.’ Leno chuckled but then to straighten things up he said, ‘I know you’re just kidding but seriously I was a big fan of yours on Law & Order, that’s why you’re here doing your comedy thing.’ Artie responded, ‘Yeah well, that’s really cool but I was really hoping to do Conan.’ Leno did not find this to be the answer he was looking for. Though the audience laughed loudly, Jay was clearly less than entertained. Oddly, Leno did bring Artie back on his show two seasons later as a guest.

Though Artie always wanted to be on the Soprano’s and even looks a lot like Tony Soprano, he was always cast as a cop or detective on network television. Today Artie makes his home in South Florida where he has his own syndicated radio show. See him live this weekend at Stanford & Sons at the Legends with Saint Louis rock and roll comic Butch Lord. Call (913)400-7500 for more information. Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Nice photo. This is Artie Lang in a very "nice light" if you will. The guy is also dealing with some major personal issues. So it might be entertaining to see him because from the looks at it he could have a breakdown at just about any minute.

Anonymous said...

Fucking commercials are getting out of hand on this blog. Now, let's count how many comments Glazer can anonymously drop on this thread telling us all how AWESOME Craig Glazer is. What a pathetic douche.

Anonymous said...


checked their website - shows upcoming comics for next few moths..

ONLY one I've ever heard of is that poor kid I remembered who hosted AMerican Idol for 1 season..

then watched Seacrest go on to fame & zillions ..

didn't even know he did standup.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. CG everyday. Glazer, you are getting to be even more prolific than Tony, on his own blog, lol.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Craig. Maybe you and Artie can trade substance abuse stories.

Craig: Ya know, Art, if you put all of the coke I did in one line, it'd probably stretch from Kansas City all the way to Lawrence.

Artie: That's a great story, Craig. I'd rather have someone put shards of glass into my eyes than listen to you talk for another five seconds. You're not paying me enough to show up in this sh*thole you call a club. By the way, where the f*ck is Lawrence? Ah, heroin ...

KC Comic said...

Yes, you have said that the past 5 weeks you've shown up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you're called up on stage to work with another comedian, that's a big break.

If you're called up to bail out two people who aren't comedians (a badly aged Motown singer and a woman whose shtick hasn't changed since Abe Beam was the mayor of New York), that's not a big break. It's charity.

Artie does have some talent. It just doesn't come across on stage, in print, or over the radio.

CG said...

Love how the peanut group can throw rocks at any person who is doing better than they ever did and has talent. Who is the bright moron who put down Ross and Bette? Yeah both big losers, Vegas, make millions always did, international major stars, have been. Both women worth well over 100 million each, in fact Diana Ross is worth several hundred million. They sell out every show in Vegas at The Palace. So Artie gets like 25 grand a week to co star with both of them and he is a loser, right. When did you get 25 grand a week hater? Like never.

You creeps never fail to amaze me. And to the bigger moron who doesn't know any comics coming up, YOU DON'T KNOW ANY PERIOD. The game changes mister on it, next weeks kid is gonna be a biggie already given a series and is on ABC's Happy Endings, its kinda like the NFL and NBA we have new stars all the time...oh yeah an that nobody Collin Kane in three weeks SOLD OUT MADISON SQUARE GARDENS, a major nobody, already wealthy at 29. Do yourself a favor, let me decide who is and isn't of importance in a biz I have been in and doing for a couple decades...We get these guys on the way up, when they are just gonna be huge, if they ever are, then they are gone...or after their careers have peaked and they aren't theatre acts anymore, simple as that..or the rare few who are my friends and come in like that nobody TJ Miller in June, a monster star today with two TV series and too many movies to name, he is a pal and will do our club as a favor...he is now a theatre act...there was a little education on the if you cared...hey hater if had Robin Williams you'd say he was old and past go find that old dog you like to kick....Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

... so if Artie's pulling 25 large a week, why in God's green earth is he showing up at Craig's club? Must be the funnel cakes. They cost about 20 cents to make, but Craig charges $5 apiece. How else can you pay for quality talent like Artie Fletcher?

The Vegas was pretty nice looking -- back during the Reagan administration. So were Bette and Diana. Times have changed. Craig's haircut has not.

I think the second part of your last reply says it all, Craig. You get people when they're on the way up or on the way out. You just can't get anyone in their prime. Congratulations -- you're the Kansas City Royals of comedy clubs.

KC Comic said...

Craig is right about Artie having more talent than any of the horrible commenters on this blog.

But the funnel cakes thing is funny.

Anonymous said...

Stanfords is one of the top comedy clubs in comedy history. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Stanfords sucks and Arte's life must suck as well if he is doing Standfords on a holiday weekend.

Stanfords isn't a top anything except in Glazers mind. Every dipshit in the business says their joint is one of the top clubs.

Comedy was around fucking years before Standfords and be around a hell of a long time after the dump falls off the face of the earth.

It takes glazer 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes said...

Its easy to be in the top 2 clubs, when there are only 2 clubs. Frankly I'd rather sit on the TV and watch the couch.

harley I know you are out there. Eat a sack of dicks.

the Real Harley said...

You First. Your KU Jayhawks chocked!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does this club actually sell funnel cakes? Like for real they sell funnel cakes?

You know Tony, It has to be said...

that this Glazer crap is nothing but BORING COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING FOR A CRAPPY DUMP that respectable people stay away from in droves.

CG said...

Hey super hater guy, calm down. You look like a bigger moron than we all know you are when you spout off stupid comments like the one above. Fact ONE CLUB/THEATRE THAT DOES COMEDY IN AMERICA WAS BULIT GROUND UP FOR OVER 3 MILLION DOLLARS, GUESS WHO, RIGHT STANFORD AND SONS LEGENDS. A fact. Stay away in droves, really, last we checked seemed pretty busy, like for 34 years now in KC. Hmmm...but you are the man that people listen to NO NAME HOME AT ALL HOURS OF WEEKEND NIGHTS GUY....get the Pitch, find a hooker, borrow a few bucks from Mommy and have at it for Christ sake. Spank that baby or something. Me I just got home from work, and now have to go sleepy time. Bye.

lol glazer the meat gazer. said...

"NO NAME HOME AT ALL HOURS OF WEEKEND NIGHTS GUY....get the Pitch, find a hooker,"
says the guy checking for comments at 1120 on a friday night.

Anonymous said...

See how he proves what an idiot he is 12:15

Anonymous said...

Yes time and time again the Glazer fool opens his mouth and makes himself look real fucking stupid.

Bitch about what someone else is doing while doing the same fucking thing. Least we can be thankful so far he hasn't sired a kid that we know of. Man talk about what a huge fucking epic failure that kid would be. Make KJ look like a priest.

Anonymous said...

I see Glazer was up at 7 posting on KCC what a fucking condescending fucking hypocrite piece of monkey shit. He is dumber than his own self.

Anonymous said...

The King of Nothing

Yes please call 913 400 7500 where my loser staff will try and help you but are such losers will probably fuck it up and I will have to do it all myself as always. Yes I hire losers who work for loser wages because I need all the money the club makes to keep up this lifestyle nobody but me cares about. If one on my staff does you wrong let me know and I will go public with an ass beating supported with a picture of me holding the Kansa City Star as proof. As well, I will have a posse to back me in case one of the bitches working for me can really kick my ass. I swear the help you find now days who will work for eight dollars an hour is so bad, what a bunch of losers they are. The shmuck who wants to be a comedian I have mopping the floors and scrubbing the toilets is fucking pissing and moaning because I won’t give him a raise after working there three years, the fucking loser had any balls he get a real job and be famous like me. People give me no respect I built KCC into what it was and that fucking loser Hearne kicks my ass out the door like yesterday’s trash. So I have come over here to TKC and going to take this fucking dump over and show Tony how it should be ran. I have sent my stories to Playboy but that bunch of fucking losers wouldn’t even so much as send me a rejection slip. I will show them to not disrespect the King of Stink. Been busy writing a new book called ‘You’re a Hater and a Loser, But I’m the King of it All” sure to sell billions and billions of copies. I’ll show all you losers in Wyandotte County who the real King is. So remember that’s Stanford’s and Son you losers, where we make all the comedians who have ever been there the stars they are today. Yes if you ain’t been to Stanfords you losers, you been no place your whole life.

The Real Harley said...

Smartman we know this is you, sometimes add Superdummy, I mean SuperDave. Get a life. You can't fight, fuck or write. Kill yourself. Please.

Anonymous said...

Harley that was aces baby. You are a funny sucker. We all think Smartman is a clown. Don't worry about him.

Glaz H. Craigley said...

Glazer busted yesterday padding comments on his articles.. Harley coming to the rescue ain't it sweet for these guys sakes I hope that gay marriage thing comes through the courts in their favor. Then they can openly express their tenderness for each other. Course Harley have to give up that ranch place over in OP for that town home in Fairway. Question is will you be Mr. Mrs Greenberg, Mr. Mrs Glazer? or will you go with Riter..

Anonymous said...

Were the funnel cakes sprinkled with Heroin so Lange didn't have the shakes during set?

CG said...

As always fun shows. We will continue to bring you weekly updates on the comics at Stanfords. I enjoyed hearing from some of you these past couple weeks on how helpful these backgrounds have been regarding the comedy stars at Stanfords. Glad it helps. Different strokes for different .... well you know. One thing they all have in common is the gift to make us laugh and forget some of our daily issues.

Anonymous said...

Harleys Easter Sermon:
1. "the reall harley" comments
at 3:30 were not mine.
2. Thanks 4:55. I'm not worrying
about smartman...surprise!!!!!!
3. this whatyoudo on
a beautiful saturday night?
seriously...have you nothing better
to do on such a great night THAN POST HATEFUL comments about people
you don't know.
We ate on the plaza patio where
it was beautiful. .
4. I don't live in a ranch.
come on by...huge beautiful house
thats over 5000 square feet!!!!
Thanks for the mention...nice to
know tht I'm still thought of by
the haters. Life is great..
5. 9:08: heard artie was very
good...maybe you could have had
a better saturday night if you
got some tickets to glazers booming
business. This is a big saturday
night for you? to each his own
i guess..
have a great day everyone...
and remember...god loves you...

Anonymous said...

harley you idiot smartman didn't write that and I know that for fact.

you and glazer I swear you be better off keeping your mouths closed instead of opening your pie holes and looking stupid.

The Real Harley said...

Ok Smartman