Sunday, March 03, 2013


Take a look at just a bit of hope for legislative progress on Missouri marijuana reform from activists who seem slightly more ambitious than most weed smokers.

Check it:

The Spring 2013 Missouri Cannabis Law Reform Conference will take place on Saturday, April 13 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 200 North 4th Street in downtown Saint Louis.

The mission statement . . .

"With an unprecedented level of cannabis reform activity taking place, both in Saint Louis and in the General Assembly, this is an excellent opportunity for reform activists from across our state to gather to share ideas and work together to bring about an end to cannabis prohibition in Missouri as soon as possible."

Accordingly, this upcoming conference seems nice and much harder to organize than a night of eating pizza, playing video games and watching cartoons - Which is how I imagine most marijuana "reform" gatherings.


Anonymous said...

What, no quotes from pot activist Toni Bones?

Anonymous said...

Be sure to have it in a nonsmoking venue.

Anonymous said...

It should be legal here!! you have to be consistently high to live here!! People here do it everyday legal or not so it doesnt really matter anyway!!

John Q Public said...

It's time for Missouri voters to pull their heads out of their collective asses, if that is posible. The "sin tax revenue" that Weed would contribute is beyond voters wildest dreams. You can buy alcohol, get falling down drunk, and drive all over hell's half acre yet if you smoke a joint, drive a little slower, and frequent Taco Bell, Law Enforcement considers you a "threat to society". I suggest you are a "threat" to
Bean Burrito at best. Legalize and tax the herb. Come into the next century Missouri.