Saturday, February 23, 2013


Tonight we encourage everybody to eat out tonight in support of JJ's.

However, here's a breaking news update found by AN AWESOME TKC TIPSTER regarding the ongoing effort to help JJ's workers.

Announcing The Country Club Bank Relief Fund For JJ's Workers

"Jimmy and the entire family of JJ's restaurant are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, support and prayers that have rained over us the past few days. We have also been flooded with calls asking where to donate financially to the cause. We wanted to share with you a few thoughts on that.

First, JJ’s has met with our insurance company and we have determined that we’re able to continue to pay our staff wages while we regroup and make decisions about the future.

Second, JJ’s is currently working with our friends at Country Club Bank to set up a fund to collect donations. Country Club Bank has offered to waive all fees relating to this fund. All money received by JJ’s for staff assistance, including any money from the Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association fundraiser, will be deposited in this fund. This fund will be governed by a board to see that this money is properly distributed to JJ’s staff and related charitable efforts surrounding the fire.

We’ve heard there are other organizations collecting donations on behalf of JJ’s staff and employees, but we would encourage you to consider the Country Club Bank fund to ensure that 100% of the money goes to the right place. We will provide more details via Facebook soon when the fund is ready. No words can describe the grief we're feeling from this tragedy. Our hearts go out to all those affected and their families. Please continue to keep our staff, gas workers, first responders and others in your thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks. Thank you."


Anonymous said...

If I donate, can I have the gal in the angel wings for say 10min?

Anonymous said...

I guess the MGE workers and the contractors that were seriously injured don't count as much? What a bunch of shit. The fund should be expanded to include all the injured parties. Not just the popular ones.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the JJ's staff have insurance or any benefits? The fund should include all, but the MGE people have insurance. Most servers do not. This is a wake up call to restaurants--provide benefits. Service work is servitude.

Anonymous said...

JJ's staff should have Obama Care insurance.

Anonymous said...

As other commenters have posted, the trust fund isn't perfect. But it's certainly a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the MGE employees will be well cared for and compensated beyond their wildest dreams. So with all due respect, FUCK THEM and their criminal negligence.

Before anyone is even allowed to fill out an MGE job application they should be asked what you do when you smell gas. If the answer isn't something along the lines of get the fuck out, pull the covers over your head and yell DUTCH OVEN, or maybe blame the dog they should be prohibited from employment, ANYWHERE

Anonymous said...

MGE employees receive worker's compensation.

Anonymous said...

Work comp doesn't cover shit. It pays for medical costs. The money doesn't cover a whole lot else.