Friday, February 15, 2013


Jordan Carver is working to keep her powerful figure as Kansas City prepares for MARCH and the start of a brand, spanking new season of politics.

Accordingly, check this week's most powerful . . .


1. Northland Rookie Missouri State Senator Ryan Silvey (District 17 - Republican) - Take a look at a rising star in the Missouri GOP representing Kansas City. State Sen. Silvey earned BIG TIME committee assignments on Appropriations along with the Vice-Chairman spot for Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight. Insiders tell us to expect "8 years of Silvey gaining even more influence and power in Jeff City which will make him a force to be reckoned with in KC Proper."

2. Councilman John Sharp - We'll have more on his efforts coming soon . . . But this Kansas City statesman is working on more than a few projects that should benefit this town.

3. Councilman Scott Wagner - He has earned a new nickname for his continuous crackdown efforts on Kansas City's liberty. We will now call him: Councilman "Nanny State Scott Wagner"

4. Missouri Secretary Of State Jason Kander - He's soon to "get Voter ID rammed down his throat" according to insiders and that puts him in a POWERFUL position to push back.

5. Mayor Sly James - Like it or not, the vast majority of the populace who don't vote have now come to love his leadership by way of a smile.


Eric Wesson - A community stalwart. The "Go To" guy for just about every media person in Kansas City concerning all things related to Kansas City's East Side and MOST IMPORTANTLY . . . A powerful advocate for his community.

Northeast News - Kansas City's community reporting powerhouse.

DeAnn Smith - We jokingly call her a "Digital Diva" but top Kansas City insiders still admire her tenacious skill and talent for detail when it comes to this city's most complex stories.

Kris Ketz - My friend on social media and yours too.

Eric Chaloux - KCTV5's Intrepid Reporter who routinely breaks important stories.

Cheers To Kansas City

Winter's last gasp - No more snow in Kansas City isn't too tragic and the cold is making it's last stand right now.

Chinese New Year - An increasingly big deal as Kansas City's Asian community grows in power and population numbers.

Stoplight Removal Struggle - Bad decisions about public safety at crossings have unified neighborhoods to question decisions from 12th & Oak.

I-70 Pushback - Again, neighborhoods are getting together to battle impending decisions that could close off still vital parts of Kansas City.

TKC Blog Community - When A Sexy Scandal Of Councilman And His Internets Drama Finally Drops . . . We'll Remember That Insiders, Tipsters And Denizens Of This Blog Warned Of it FIRST.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

That's more like it.

Anonymous said...

Kc down the tubes again this week. Sorry tony.

John Coffey said...

Silvey looks a lot like Percy from the green mile in that picture.

Anonymous said...

And the power player winner of the week is! (Envelope please)

WASHINGTON (AP) - In a spectacular fall from political prominence, former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife agreed Friday to plead guilty to federal charges growing out of what prosecutors said was a scheme to use $750,000 in campaign funds for lavish personal expenses, including a $43,000 gold watch and furs.

Corruption (Institutional) said...

Well Junior finally confesses.

Anonymous said...

Well shit maybe he and the wife will become Leavenworth residents.

Anonymous said...

Well just be thankful our fine upstanding local politicians aren't involved in graft and malfeasance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Damn the wife too.

j.carver said...

THERE'S my car keys!

Anonymous said...

Silvey is a good choice. The rest are scum.

Anonymous said...

who on council is sending pictures of their PP?

Anonymous said...