Monday, February 25, 2013

Rosanna Davison And Kansas City Links

Rosanna Davison and her lingerie winning starts this collection of Kansas City links . . . And The Star finally notes that JJ's benefit TKC TIPSTERS put on blast last week . . .

- Wait For The Toy Train Decision: Ruling on KC streetcars won't come for another month

- News from The Ozarks: Woman's death in Branson hotel ruled homicide

- Deets on alleged local crooks: Federal indictment accuses two KC residents of fraud

- Democracy changes out in the sticks: Clay County constitution could get 2013 vote

- A substitute for info about this town's Latino community: Taqueria Mexico opening Olathe restaurant

- Kansas City Star basically kills their music blog that was gaining momentum.

- The best of the 90's finally makes it to this cowtown: Soundgarden headed to Kansas City


Anonymous said...

Love Taqueria Mexico. I hope the bland taste buds of Olathe will support it. Unfortunetaly El Camino Real closed in Olathe. Sucks people don't know what they are missing and go to Jose Peppers instead.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck happened to her stomach?

Anonymous said...

I think it's just her hip-bone and the angle of the camera.

Anonymous said...

Soundgarden has been to KC before.

Most notably KC hosted the kickoff of the last touring Lollapalooza tour. The headliners: Metallica, Soundgarden, the Ramones (in their farewell summer tour).

Held on the shores of Longview Lake

Anonymous said...

So grossed out by the giant ass in the photo above then the holocaust victim...ick!

Anonymous said...

worst photo shop job ever.