Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Nina Agdal And Kansas City Afternoon Links

Nina Agdal didn't earn Super Bowl fame but talk of her bikini burger modeling outlasts the forgettable game.

Also, here are Kansas City links I'm checking this afternoon . . .

- Kansas City welcomes music most people haven't heard of . . . Middle of the Map Fest announces 60 bands

- Small time lady's soccer in high school stadium: FC Kansas City calls Shawnee Mission District Stadium home

- Nasty Confession report: Canadian man admits picking up Kansas girl for sex

- Nixing Kansas Voodoo Economics: Senate Committee Delays Work on Brownback’s Tax Plan

- Local Slice Of Winning: Spin Neapolitan Pizza makes list of 50 hot brands

- Old School Musical @ K-PAC: Ready for Hair at the Kauffman Center

- Local food quality report: KC's Health Department finds the city's cleanest kitchens

- Cowtown Football dreams: High school football players sign letters of intent with top universities

- Show-Me Advanced Math: UCM prof discovers largest prime number

- Cautionary Suburban Story: Blue Springs woman has heart attack at age 25


Anonymous said...

Spin made a list but great taste wasn't the only reason if in fact had anything to do with it.

Just more business world bullshit.

Anonymous said...

60 Bands. None of which most people are interested in or will ever make it.

Anonymous said...

"dozens of Quik-trips in the area made the list."
How about the one in Blue Springs where the bitch pissed in the donut case? Some accurate list.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the fat broad had a heart attack. Can't she read or pay attention to all the information about being fat and heart problems?? No, fuck the fat bitch, it's her own fault.