Thursday, February 07, 2013

MO/Kan Football Signing Day Review

Check this compilation of local pigskin pipe dreams and a list of future back and knee problems: National Signing Day recap: Kansas State, Missouri, Kansas football recruiting


Anonymous said...

As expected MU can not compete for players in the SEC. Their latest class has been rated below even KU.Look for this to be Pinkel's last season and for the program to decline with more SEC "roadies" on gameday in Columbia than Mizzou fans. Great $ move - disasterous competitively.

Anonymous said...

I expect that a highly recruited Lee's Summit West player will soon be playing for the Missouri State Penitentiary.

Lee summit West skolar said...

ooga booga boo..i smoke yo weed, steal yo play stashun , an beat yo azz pussy white boy ,den i go play ball cuase i done got my edumakashun!