Thursday, February 07, 2013

Miranda Kerr And Kansas City Midday Links

Miranda Kerr and her recent hottie wedding lingerie photo set ALMOST makes me forget that marriage is an outdated institution that has pretty much outlived its usefulness and is mostly undertaken casually by upper-class white people.

- Local corpse discovery: Kansas City police are trying to identify a body found in a Kansas City, Mo., ditch. Police said no foul play is suspected.

- Mediating Kansas Tax Fighting: Brownback proposing to eliminate popular income tax deductions

- Eco-Devo Dilemma: Swope Ridge neighbors feel lost in Winchester TIF squabble

- Rock Chalk Fear: Man detained at Lawrence bank wearing bulletproof vest

- Torture Tragedy Aftermath: Judge rules boy found handcuffed in basement will stay with foster parents

- Golden Ghetto Voodoo Economics: Shawnee City Council members will consider temporarily lifting the city’s excise tax for the next two to three years, according to council members.

- A Good Move From Kobach For A Change: Kansas bill would allow explanation of confusing ballots

- Kansas City Foodie Grossout List: Area food establishments cited for health-code violations

- Arena Football Attempt: KC Renegades to hold one more round of open tryouts Friday, Feb. 8

- Kansas City Can't Drive: Rain causes accidents across the metro


Anonymous said...

Learn ENGLISH or go the fuck back to where you came from!:

"Bonito Michoacan, 1150 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kan., had 10 violations during a Jan. 10 inspection following a complaint. They included:

Employee cleaning food contact equipment without the use of a sanitizer.

Through an interpreter, the owner said the necessary measures are being taken so the violations won’t happen again."

Anonymous said...

Muy bien!

Anonymous said...

Fellate mí si usted no puede hablar Inglés.

Anonymous said...

The Kansas City, Missouri Police are always trying to identify a body. Wish they were trying to identify ways to make this community safer. (dead silence - no pun intended)