Thursday, February 07, 2013

Mellisa Clarke And The Kansas City Morning

Mellisa Clarke starts this Kansas City morning with an old school denim punk rock look for her latest photoshoot.

Meanwhile, we continue our search for the best Kansas City mainstream media links . . . Take a peek:

- Rock Chalk Shame: TCU Stuns No. 5 KU 62-55 . . . Last-place TCU shocks Kansas; Jayhawks score 13 first-half points

- KC Zoo marketing news: Meet Kansas City's power couple, Nikita and Berlin

- Another Cowtown Junket: Kansas City Hosts National Smart Growth Conference

- More on dead tree demise: Hallmark to fight for Saturday mail delivery

- Better Cancer Meds For Kids: Researchers at Children's Mercy Hospital and the University of Kansas Medical Center are reformulating drugs into liquids that are easy to swallow -- and not bad-tasting, either.

- Kansas City Motorcycle Crash Fatality

- Paying Dues: KCMO Business License Applications and Payments Due

- Golden Ghetto Justice: Man will face trial in killing of doctor in Overland Park

- Playtime @ Kansas City's Tomb: Get ready for a 'hamster wheel' for humans at Science City

- Meth Town Schools Have Character: William Chrisman High School and Christian Ott Elementary have been named as Missouri Schools of Character by Character Education Partnership

- Bill Kenney Win For Once: Bill Kenney Former Chiefs quarterback joins Public Service Commission

- Show-Me Science: Earthquake Drill In Missouri Today


Anonymous said...

How do you drill for an earthquake? Man bet thats one long ass drill bit.

Anonymous said...

Tony's Kansas City on Thursday reported lower operating profits and revenue for the fourth quarter. CEO Tony Botello said he's been unable to shake a dirt bag audience downturn that has gripped his company since the addition of Craig Glazer.

Anonymous said...

True dat!