Monday, February 11, 2013

Kelly Urich's Back Online

On the bright side, they have an app . . .

On the other hand . . . Top 40 music is the last vestige of a disappearing American consumer class that is quickly falling away amid the coming era of Chinese Hegemony.

So, feel free to shake your booty in the meantime . . . is BACK! Listen Now!

Youtube description:

" is back with Kansas City's Favorite Music, Andrew Cook mornings and Kelly Urich afternoons. Bryan Busby weather, FUN, Journey, U2, The Eagles, Pat Benatar, and MORE - 24/7, 365!"

Quick review . . . Not as pretty as Pandora but much better than my selection of traditional Guatemalan folk songs and the Bee Gees.


Anonymous said...

Regular Spectrum Radio is far superior. It doesn't crash, mine and exploit your personal info for profit, you don't need to update software, etc.

Good luck thought to these two straight and narrow white boys seeking Internet fame and fortune. (lol)

Anonymous said...

Low cost distribution, but not easily promoted! Nothing like captive FCC authorized frequencies to monopolize for listeners in cars!

The technology will catch up, overcome, and then the FCC will be able to re-allocate those frequencies to better paying CELLULAR vendors!

Say g'nite, Gracie. Radio will be gone, finally. Radio corporations have perverted and abused their its really not much of a loss, given the alternatives available to music and information consumers!

Anonymous said...

True dat.