Monday, February 18, 2013

Kelly Brook & The Kansas City Link Clean-Up

Kelly Brook seems kinda classy in this somewhat recent and rather gloomy fashion shoot that still can't hide her curves.

Also, check these local links we're ironing out for the Kansas City midday . . .

- Wrecking Kansas City's Old And Busted Infrastructure: A car crashed into a gas main near 67th and Troost Monday morning, breaking off a pipe that runs to the gas main.

- Clay County Crash: 3 teens seriously injured in wreck

- Kansas political investing: Kansas lobbyist spending reported at $765K for 2012

- Voodoo economics part deux: Brownback's assertions on state spending questioned

- We're All Wasting Mark Holland's Time: Wyandotte County mayoral contenders discuss city's future

- Star pilfers Witchita News Today: A call for a hooker + a shortage of funds + a burglary = 3 in jail

- Ferruzza: Celina Tio wants to add Collection to her restaurant collection

- Show-Me Tribute: Mo. Senate to take up Stan Musial bridge bill

- Grandview Dad Follow-Up: Police say dad abandoned toddler in moving car after 100 mph chase

- One More Mediocre Kansas City Music Fest: Middle of the Map announces more bands