Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Kansas City Stoplight Removal Protest!!!

Kansas City residents are up in arms regarding City Hall cutbacks that put students in danger.

Check the afternoon protest:

KMBC: Some Kansas City parents are accusing City Hall of deliberately endangering their children.

Fox4: Parents protest lack of crossing signals near school

KCTV5: Concerned parents push for Kansas City to restore traffic light

KSHB: Parents protest school stop light loss

Remember that an ordinance from Councilman Jermaine Reed delayed stoplight removal for the moment but didn't replace signals that had already been taken down. In the long term, Council warns that THE PLAN IS TO REMOVE 170 MORE STOPLIGHTS IN LOCAL NEIGHBORHOODS over the next few years.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Other day I was shooting across 18th and damn near ran a stop sign get use to being all lights around there and fucks one up a little

Choochoo The Silverback said...




Here comes the train, fuck the pedestrians and the traffic lights! Who needs that when we have a TRAIN.


Anonymous said...

Totally insane. But that's the new normal for KC MO leadership. More money to skim and put in their own pockets also with maintenance for these pesky streetlights no longer an issue.

Anonymous said...

Public Works said that they met with the north east neighborhoods and they were fine with the removal. Who do you believe?

Anonymous said...

KC leadership are thieves and liars. Wake up to it. Any other questions?

Anonymous said...

The plan is to send a lot of people to the hospital as payoff to Big Health Insurance and the hospitals they own is more like it. Lot's of others will be able to line their pockets also as the health care bubble inflates.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what people are bitching about, but some of those lights really did need to go.

Anonymous said...

People are idiots, and so is their 3rd district council representation. There are actual standards and regulations for street signals. The city was following them. But loudmouths and Jermaine Reed know better than months or years of research by qualified experts.