Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It has been foretold . . . Kansas City is headed for a disaster of Biblical proportion . . . Human Sacrifice, dogs & cats living together . . . MASS HYSTERIA!!!

So, obviously, taking off work a few hours early and stocking up on chips, milk and bread (snack cakes, of course) is the only hope of salvation.

Check the links . . .

Heavy snow, sleet, freezing drizzle starting late Wednesday

Major Winter Storm Targets Kansas City With Up To 8 Inches Snow, 15 Or More In Kansas

KC prepares for what coming storm will bring -- the good and the bad

Storm expected to bring snow, blizzard conditions


Anonymous said...

Freakin' Chicken Little

Chief Thundercloud said...

Precipitation is out.

Postcipitation is in.

Anonymous said...

Well, One thing for sure, the weather moaning drama queens didn't pack up when darlin' Katie got her wings clipped.

Anonymous said...

Me so horner bad weather frightens me!Katie come home.

Anonymous said...

I want to wrap up in Katies big meat flap pussy lips and stay all snuggly warm and cozy!!!! Katie cum home!!!!!