Monday, February 11, 2013

Kansas City Pastors Preach To The Choir

Finally, Kansas City is safe from all of the violence perpetrated by little, old church ladies and their dutiful tithing: KC pastors promise support of 'no violence' initiative


Anonymous said...


Anyone can call themself "Reverend" and "stand for something".

It's all self-promotion.

Anonymous said...

Give me a damn break! Check the background of half the Clergy in Kansas City! Start at 27th Wabash. You'll find a convicted murder Pastoring! They are the violent offenders!

Bob Gough said...

Violence will no longer be tolerated in Kansas City, Mayor Sly James said at Monday’s event outside City Hall....


Violence seems to be part of KCMO's culture.

If KCMO eliminated violence, folks like Sly would not be the Mayor of KCMO.

Anonymous said...

Violence is definitely part of Kansas City's culture. On the other hand, NIGGERS are too....See the correlation?