Monday, February 04, 2013

Kansas City Media "Nullification" Hypocrisy?!?

The Kansas Citian doesn't like Mexicans but we like Free Speech so we'll give his idea just a moment of consideration . . . Is the media hypocritical when they criticize local Sheriffs for talking "nullification" when it comes to opposing gun law crackdowns but then supporting the same kind of nullification when it comes to law enforcement taking it easy on undocumented workers?

However, the question goes both ways: Are far right-wing Conservatives hypocrites for enthusiastically supporting Sheriffs who promise nullification on gun law crackdowns but then rage when law enforcement doesn't take a hard line on the undocumented because of more important issues?

Like it or not, the laws are changing on all sides of this issue so don't expect any particular opinion to hold much merit for long. On the bright side, in the immediate future we can look forward to a proliferation of guns and Latinos on local streets.


Anonymous said...

"Are far right-wing Conservatives hypocrites?"

Ummm. Yes.

Anonymous said...

"Are the left-wing liberal cocksucker journalists hypocrites?"

Ummm...yes they are.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who is a hypocrite. Tony needs to come clean about wanting to be a white guy homeowner with guns and a job and a wife and...

Anonymous said...

8:23 Turn off FOX News. It's making you ignorant.

theKansasCitian said...

Thanks for the link, Tony.

As you are well aware, my family has a lot of Hispanics in it, include those closest to me. Yet, I love how you always like to allege that being pro-rule of law equates to being anti-Hispanic.

Why do conservatives dislike Chiefs of police who declare their cities sanctuary cities but support sheriff's who swear to nullify anti-gun laws? Easy, the constitution guarantees the right to bear arms and federal immigration laws declare who is legal and illegal when it comes to immigration.

In both cases, the law is on the side of the right. It is illegal to enter this country illegally and it is illegal to pass laws that infringe on the right to bear arms.

The supreme court has ruled quite clearly on both these issues.

Having said that, the supreme court has also clearly ruled that local and state law enforcement can not be compelled to enforce federal laws, so even though I disagree with sanctuary city policies and think they encourage illegal behavior, local law enforcement has that right provided their state constitutions give them the leeway and most do.