Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Kansas City and Mayor Sly have made a concentrated effort to push more public funding of the arts in this cowtown.

In response to his initiative from Kansas City Conservative Jack Cashill seems to imply that art by way of committee is mostly unmemorable.

Even better . . . Mr. Cashill notes a common refrain that Kansas City's art progress in the Crossroads and other places didn't need much public support . . . Which is a nice theory if we exclude all of those sweet real estate development tax breaks and NTDF funds. But then again, everybody is a critic . . .


Don't Ignore The Crumbling City Infrastructure said...


Anonymous said...

Nope, it's toy train time.

Anonymous said...

Jack is insane most of the time but on this he takes the long way around to making sense.

Anonymous said...

Just remember the "public art" also includes several Thomas Hart Benton murals, as well as the famous John Brown mural in the Topeka capitol.

Yeah, let's wallpaper over those to save money on keeping them up.

Public art also includes Mt. Rushmore and the monuments around the National Mall.

It also kept virtually every artist, visual and performing, in business during the latter half of the 20th Century, and especially during the Great Depression when FDR established the National Endowment for the Arts.

Public art also includes grants for the KC Symphony, KC Ballet, and Lyric Opera which not only allows them to operate, but also to offer performances to smaller surrounding communities.

My first experience with live classical music was the old KC Philharmonic coming to my small hometown in southeast Kansas.

Now is all this your, or Jack Cashill's cup of tea?

No, but I would rather not let Jack Cashill decide what is and is not art.

Anonymous said...

Cashill is a headcase. Don't link him any more.

Anonymous said...

The city doesnt have money for arts.

A secret government hit team charged with shooting down air planes said...

Jack you are apeshit crazy.