Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hyperlocal Kansas City Theater Production

A neat new production that will feature local characters of sorts: Kansas City Residents Inform And Inspire KC Rep's "Waiting For You"


d.mamet said...

In other words (pun intended) they use other peoples words bcause they didnt want to pay a WRITER! And they use "composites" of characters that have been interviewed so they wont have to pay these people! Its the same SCAM the Star uses when they recruit those Kansas City Voices- "hey, ima JOURNALIST! No, im not getting PAID, but..."

Anonymous said...

Mamet shot his load with Glengarry... It's been garbage since then. I'll give him credit, that was one hell of a script.

poor sap who bought tickets for that clusterfuck said...

What is this shit? I came to see a PLAY, not do HOMEWORK! And whatre you asking ME for? Im not a PLAYWRIGHT! I thought that was YOUR job! What happened to the old days where a playwright wrote a.play,, the actors acted it out and I maybe got a piece of ass from my wife that night for suffering through it!