Thursday, February 21, 2013

Holly Peers And Kansas City Morning Links

Holly Peers and her skivvies that seem a bit too tight start this morning look at Kansas City mainstream media links unrelated to snow or fire . . .

- Meth Town Local Gov. Update: Mayor lauds city's efforts in State of City address

- Fiscal report: KCTV5 investigates state agencies failing to collect unclaimed cash

- Show-Me International Trade Increasing In This Mostly Backward State: Another ‘China Hub’ Proposal Considered In Missouri House

- Kansas Compromises: Kansas Lawmaker With Ties to Oil and Gas Industry Introduces Bill Opposing Sustainable Development

- One More Meth Town White Crook: Police investigating smash-and-grab robberies

- Sunflower State Ranking: Kansas Congress members earn a ‘B’ on AFP scorecard

- A tragic lesson in science push back: Missouri House mulls evolution teaching bill

- Brownback's workaround: Kansas Senate approves barring courts from school finance rulings

- Grace period: Missouri House approves tax amnesty period

- Crooked Kansas City Ingenuity: Burglar may have used pet doors to break in


Anonymous said...

Derrick Thomas is also listed as having unclaimed funds on the Missouri treasurer's web site.

Everyone should check the web site to see if the state is holding money for him or her.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the SOB using the pet door but he better keep his paws off my Purina.

Signed Spot