Tuesday, February 12, 2013


No, that lady's name is not Tuesday . . . She's London Andrews . . . And here are the Kansas City links I'm looking at tonight . . .

- Kansas City gunfire consequences: After shots were fired during a pickup basketball game at a Kansas City community center, some services are being shut down.

- More Northland Teen Torture Updates . . . Tess K. Interview: Neighbor who reported abuse of handcuffed teen speaks . . . Charges filed: Father, stepmom charged after malnourished teen found chained

- Challenge To A Fixed Vote: Lawsuit could delay KC streetcar project

- Even more Golden Ghetto Good Stuff: Oak Park lands KC area's second H&M store

- Local Lady Shares The Spotlight With Prez Obama Tonight

- Military Industrial Complex Austerity: Whiteman AFB braces for budget cutbacks

- Sniffing Out Justice: Reward increased to help find beloved dog trainer's killer

- Epic Case: Identity Theft Charges Termed Largest In Missouri History

- Kansas City Condo Life Persists: Developer Reeder envisions apartment project in West Bottoms

- Still don't want to visit this suburb: Enhanced streetscape will give downtown Raytown a new look

- Generous Missouri ladies share the love: Local women will have chance to donate breast milk in Springfield

- KC Currents Recap: Walmart Wars, Self-Realization Fellowship, KC Board of Trade


Anonymous said...

After shots were fired during a pickup basketball game at a Kansas City community center, ---- NO Way!!

KCPD plays basketball there plus it a "Hotspot" LOL.

Another Kansas City FAIL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That chick is fat every day of the week.

Anonymous said...


A Police Chief Pun said...

I find it amazing that somebody can pop off 30 shots and only hit something once. We need to keep basketball for these guys as being a thug just isn't their forte.

Anonymous said...

sweet fat ass

chuck said...


The Outreach director, with a straight face, I swear to god, suggested a Police Sub Station in the Rec Center.

It's in the KC Star.

You can't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

And if the state of Missouri takes over the KC schools, they should hand it to the Department of Corrections.

Anonymous said...

London Andrews makes my willy turn into Big Ben! Curvy curvy topsy turvy!

Anonymous said...

Lawsuit should delay streetcar project.