Monday, February 11, 2013

Even More Missouri Mexican Drug Mules

USA Today and a reactionary reason to crackdown on brown people even harder. . . In Missouri, illegal immigrants used to smuggle drugs


Anonymous said...

Well gee this is a no brainer how do you think they make it in here.

Very old story this has been going on for years and years

Anonymous said...

Some people found to be in the country illegally might simply be told to leave the country and warned that if they stay, they might be subjected to a harsher penalty.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA like that is going to work the fuckers just go to another city. Why we need armed gun towers every 200 feet along the bourder. Many would volunteer for that target practice role.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone who knows how to make a good pork burrito would get his illegal as to KC.