Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eastern Jack Pushes Back Against The County Exec Mike Sanders' Toy Train Plan

Examiner and Eastern Jack Angst: As transit issue heats up, cities voice their views


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Push back? Did you even read the story? It is an open love letter.

WTF Tony? said...

"Eastern Jack Pushes Back"

Yep, like pushing back to counter pushing forward during a hand job, because that's all the article is:
A Hand Job For Sanders BS Toy Train Tax.

Did you eben read it Tony?


Anonymous said...

Sanders needs to tell the truth. The tax will not cover most of the routes available but they are being mentioned just to get votes. And besides, some of the tax will be taken to expand the so called streetcar to the Plaza area. Light rail failed to get the votes 10 out of 11 times. Yet it comes back again. Why these 19th Century proposals? Because the engineering firms will make money. They have been pushing this stuff for years even though it would cost millions a mile and have only a couple percent of ridership. Perhaps the Missouri Legislature will pass laws to allow for a few living along the routes to vote a tax incease.

Anonymous said...

BFD. Whatever the story was about it was wrong from the get-go. Jim Nunneley and Rev Tindall run the county.

Anonymous said...

The Plaza is in Jackson County, for the record. so its not that weird that KC would be included in a fucking JACKSON CO(UNTY TRANSIT PLAN.

Sorry Joco crybabies, metro cooperation is the only way this region will remain competitive and relevant.

JoCo just doesn't get it. It is 100% dependent on KCMO, now and for the foreseeable future.