Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Claudia Romani kicks around the soccer ball in her bikini bottoms and I couldn't decide betwixt photos. Also, we're checking Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Kansas City Alleged Jack The Ripper Hooker Killer Claims Innocence: Northland man pleads not-guilty in killings of two KC women

- Speeding away from friend's house when her boyfriend was coming home: Charges filed in ambulance crash

- Even More Golden Ghetto Kidnapping Attempts Reported: Leawood police investigate 'stranger danger' incident

- Mizzou Tribute: New cancer center to be named for Norm Stewart

- Crook Carrying Kid Spotted: Authorities capture KCK courthouse fugitive missing almost a year

- Eugenics prevention across the State Line: Kansas Senate debates ban on sex-selection abortions

- Public Radio Preview: Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals exhibit comes to KC

- Suckers prefer Kansas casino: Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway starts year with winning month

- Show-Me Political Contrast: Akin was the most conservative member of House in 2012, Clay the most liberal

- Golden Ghetto Standoff: Man barricaded inside residence in Overland Park . . . UPDATE: Barricaded man shoots himself inside Overland Park residence

- Hoopz still reporting on high school: Girls need plus-size power for prom

- Catholic Season Of Trans Fats: Lenten fish-fry season is in full swing


Anonymous said...

'Hope KCK can hold on to their NIGGER, this time..He's just soooo cute..

Anonymous said...

I'd love to fuck her in the sphinxter

Anonymous said...

5:04 - Egypt is a long way to go to sodomize a stone statue!

Anonymous said...

I got and idea how to fit into a dress: Don't be such a fat ass. How do kids do it? I couldn't have been fat at 17 if I tried. I got news for these fat kids too. Your metabolism peaks around this age as well. That's why people get the "Freshman 15." If you are that damn fat in high school you're going to be 300lbs when you're 30.