Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christ, Kanye, Kim And Kansas City Links!!!

And the Lamb opened the 5th seal and witnessed Kayne West and Kim Kardashian clowning in front of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and decided to take off early for lunch.

Also, here are the Kansas City links I'm checking right now . . .

- Kansas City Rich Kid Stays Winning: John Kemper is eager to reap what he sows as Commerce COO

- Cash for justice across the State Line: Reward tops $5,000 in dog breeder's killing in KCK

- Growing Golden Ghetto Problem: OP police uncover possible mobile meth lab

- Trading Places In Kansas City : Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster on Tuesday called a Jackson County identity theft case the largest ever prosecuted by the state and said 44 victims have been identified.

- Bi-State Union Crackdown: Anti-union bill makes way through Kansas Legislature . . . Mo. Senate Committee To Consider Eliminating ‘Prevailing Wage’

- Show-Me More Information: Mo. Senate passes Sunshine Law overhaul

- Scary School Day . . . Kansas City School Stinks: Odor forces Central High to close early . . . Meth Town Threat Aftermath: All-clear given at William Chrisman H.S.

- Basement Torture Details: Charges shine more light on teen handcuffed case

- Nice weather for voting: Mo. senator wants primaries held in June

- Looking forward to even more hobbyists with no skills: Kansas considering a bill to legalize homebrewing club activities


Anonymous said...

If his name wasn't "Kemper", he'd be starving to death. It doesn't hurt that his sister is on The Office either...

Anonymous said...

Damn, Kim K has her some wide hips!

i.t said...

Ur jusr BARELY NOTICING THAT?! Just how recently were u cured for BLINDNESS?!

Crazy Ass African said...

She also has a jungle butt

Anonymous said...

Kanye, cunt p.o.s. that he is, will dump her in a year. That Hottentot ass will be the size of Wyoming.

She will b a hairy devil too.


Reversal of fortune.

Kanye will burn thru his cash, Kim will b off of the E network.

Kanye is ptobably saving his money.

I Had 1 Too Many said...

Is that one of the pink elephants from Fantasia I see?

Anonymous said...

(see posted picture)
Christ the Redeemer statue answers the question, "how big is Kim's ass?"

It is easier for Kim K. to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.
One headline you'll NEVER see is "Kardashian-West couple give away fortune and move to Brazil to work with the indigent.