Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Billie Faiers And Kansas City Morning Links

Billie Faiers is a Brit party babe who also does a bit of lingerie modeling that brightens the start of our morning.

Accordingly, here are the Kansas City links we're checking right now unrelated to the SNOW obsession . . .

- New York Times and the latest from the Kansas kid waiting to get into college

- Fewer polls to be open Tuesday in Johnson and Wyandotte counties

- Sausage Fest Support For New Neighbor. . . See for yourself: Mission shops along Johnson Drive see good, bad in new neighbor: Walmart

- Adult Kickball In Kansas City Because It's 2009

- Rock Chalk Victory: Bill Self earns 500th career . . . Game breakdown: No. 5 Kansas rallies past Iowa State in overtime

- Interesting to TKC: More deets about The Missouri Right To Farm Bill

- JoCo consequences: Man rescued from Olathe fire is charged with arson, attempted murder of responders