Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Avoiding Kansas City Car Break-Ins

Some important tips to keep hobos from breaking into your car . . . Other than moving to a nice part of the metro, of course.

Check it:

FYIKC Avoiding Auto Break-ins

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Anonymous said...

My cousin who lives in DC told me that you can't even leave a half full water bottle in your car. Someone will break a window to steal it.

Rev. Mickey Brooktrouts said...

I wonder if the cop in that video would like me to text her a photo of my wee-wee.

JT said...

Tony's comment about "..move to a nicer part of the metro" sends two messages indirectly:
1. It implies that the law-abiding, legitimate citizens of the Crossroads into the "problem"; because what Tony is implying is these people are guilty of having made some "mistake" in attempting to revitalize the area and form it into a good community.
And even if the crime has resulted from the increased presence of the citizens and businesses there. Still, who is doing right and who is doing wrong? And which of the two should we be supportive of?

2. It condones the lawless actions of those committing the crimes, by sending the message, "OK criminals, we surrender, you win, we'll leave." I realize that is the easier and safer course of action when it comes to a crime problem, but what ends up being the result when law-abiding citizens do that? How long do we continue to allow ourselves to be chased out of our communities by the lawless element of society?

So, my question for the audience is - who do you support in this situation? Do you support the law-abiding citizens and business owners in their efforts to stop the criminal behavior? Or do you condone the lawlessness of the criminals by demonizing the citizens/businesses of the Crossroads?

Anonymous said...

niggers will steal ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...


Most sane people support getting the fuck out of shitville and letting the scum kill and rip off each other.

From Eric Holder on down, law enforcement is in denial of what is happening with the feral fatherless shitheels in our cities. Those of us not buying the liberal lies or drinking their kool-aid choose not to be victims who are, in fact, set up by a system gone haywire.

KC is Detroit 25 years ago and will catch up with that hellhole fast with people like Sly robbing the taxpayers blind like his gangster buddy Kwame Kilpatrick did to Detroit.

Anonymous said...

If policemen would start patrolling our neighborhoods, there would be a decrease in car break-ins.

Anonymous said...

So sorry 11:12, extra patrol is not in the budget due to a shortage of cops.

Anonymous said...

One sure-fire method of protecting your property is to first lock your vehicle and second, don't ever park within twenty yards of a NIGGER. Always avoid NIGGERS, if at all possible.. Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

When citizens passed the Public Safety Sales Tax we wanted police protection but all we got is this crappy video.