Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alternative Lee's Summit Walmart Perspective

Thanks to AWESOME TKC READERS for sending us a couple of links that attempt to take a more reasoned approach to Walmart development in a local suburb . . . Check it: Why Not the Win-Win-Win-(Win)?

More from Citizen For Responsible Development: Here Comes Honey Wal-Mart


Anonymous said...

It's hard to conceive of a win-win with Walmart because there are so many people with a psychological need to hate something, and hating Walmart is just so darned politically correct.

People can't openly hate the scapegoats of yore (Catholics, Jews, Blacks) without coming off as ignorant yahoos. But it's open season on Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Cosentino's has lower prices than Walmart anyway

Anonymous said...

The problem with this Walmart isn't the fact that it's a walmart, but 1) the City seems to make special accomodations in zoning that goes against their stated goals for the area in favor of Walmart over other businesses; and 2) is proposed to be located in an inappropriate spot. The traffic at that location is already a mess, and a dangerous intersection, and Walmart projects to add 10,000 additional cars per day over a single intersection, as there are no significant secondary outlets for traffic to exit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Cosentino for your unbiased opnion at 9:18 AM.

Anonymous said...

The Coty of Lees Summit should be dissovled and re-incorporated at Walmartia, MO.

"A Greeter On Every Corner"