Monday, January 21, 2013


Check out this presser that ALREADY lists a trio of accomplishments from Kansas City's own Jason Kander . . . Now starting term as as Secretary Of State and already busy making changes . . .

Kander Announces Day 1 Achievements: Business Outreach Office, Early Voting Commission, Office Ethics Policy

Jefferson City, MO – Secretary of State Jason Kander today announced that in his first day in office, he has implemented three programs to provide improved service to Missourians, all at no cost to taxpayers.

“My goal is to build on the work that has been done in the Secretary of State’s office to provide even better service to Missourians,” Kander said. “These three initiatives will make it easier to start a business in Missouri, more efficient for eligible Missourians to vote, as well as give the public confidence that my office is being run in a nonpartisan and fair way. And, we are not spending a single extra tax dollar to work on these projects.”

Kander launched the Business Outreach Office to connect Missourians who start businesses with organizations in their area that may be able to help them succeed. The office, which utilizes staff already in place in the Business Services Division, will also help aspiring business owners navigate the requirements necessary to do business in Missouri. It can be reached at (573) 522-1338.

Kander also announced that he will assemble a commission made up of local election officials, other elected officeholders, business leaders, and additional stakeholders who will advise him on the most efficient, fair and secure way to allow eligible Missourians to cast a ballot before Election Day. Missouri is currently one of only 15 states that do not have any form of no-excuse absentee or early voting. Brianna Lennon, a former Missouri Assistant Attorney General who Kander hired to serve as the office’s Elections Counsel, will coordinate the commission.

Finally, Kander instituted a new ethics policy for his staff to ensure that they are best serving Missourians. Secretary of State staff will be prohibited from taking gifts from lobbyists and will also take an ethics training course to ensure they understand Missouri’s ethics laws before starting work.

Kander will continue to find ways to make all divisions in the Secretary of State’s office more efficient and effective for Missourians without using additional taxpayer money.


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Jason Kander has sex with his staff. Boy and girl.

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Does he have to write his blood type on his loafers?

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Please, Kander is more successful than all of you.

Nuff said.

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I emailed the office last week and did not get a reply.

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Dear Jason: Can you please help in finding the missing 15K? Thanks

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3:05 comment BINGO!!!! Excellent!

Day 1: I'd just like to remind everyone that I'm a war hero.