Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Check a Youtube video summary of Kansas City Chiefs hype.

An interview that should offer a great guide to all of the clich├ęs the new coach enjoys:

Andy Reid On Being Kansas City Chiefs New Head Coach

And then . . .

Fanboy analysis from Arrowhead Pride:

Kansas City Chiefs Welcome Andy Reid as New Head Coach During Monday Press Conference

Finally . . .

Herm shares his opinion from a safe distance on ESPN -

How To Fix The Chiefs

And all of this seems like a lot of excitement for a team that's probably going to go 6-10 next season if they're lucky and worse if somebody doesn't write a check for a new O-Line.


Anonymous said...

Herm sharing his opinion is like Glazer sharing his opinion on sports, nobody gives a fuck what either of them thinks or has to say.

Wayne Woodrow said...

The problem has been the O-line ever since Willie Roalf retired "unexpectedly" at an advanced age.

Larry Johnson was an impressive running back behind Willie Roalf, and Larry was just a woman-beating clod once Willie retired.

Everything -- quarterback performance, receiver performance, running back performance and the time that the defense spends on the field - goes back to the performance of the O-line. It is not glamorous but it makes the difference.

HOW TO FIX THE CHIEFS - In A Way The Taxpayers Come Out On Top said...

- Move the team to another City/State - Alaska might want them. Maybe re-name the team the Fairbanks Fuck-Ups or the Anchorage Assholes.

- Make Hunt pay back the millions upon millions of dollars stolen from the taxpayers to prop up his shitty team and make him even richer.

- Bulldoze Arrowhead, make Hunt repay the taxpayers the INSANE amount of money wasted on the place. Also, make him pay for the demolition of the eyesore and site clean-up.