Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sophie Reade And Kansas City Midday Links

Sophie Reade on the street and in her panties inspires us to put together this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links for the midday.

Check it:

- A nice chat as we become Detroit: The City of Kansas City, MO Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department will host its second quarterly Neighborhood Leaders Roundtable Meeting.

- Waiting for Obamacare: Local legislators see hurdles to Medicaid expansion

- Failed Kansas City Condo Complex Clings To Life: Park Place announces new tenants

- More Mizzou Shame: OTC: MU’s Frank Haith Staring At Nine Months Of Waiting On NCAA Ruling & Penalty

- Golden Ghetto Sandwich And Pizza Reassurance: Lenexa Grinders won't be like its downtown sister

- Sunflower State Report Card: Final Kansas school efficiency report released

- Local Vet Help: A national charity that helps military service members has opened an office in the Kansas City area.


Anonymous said...

If the Grinder's locations are "sisters", they're both sluts!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Now that's funny.