Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Show-Me Gov. Jay "Obamacare" Speech Reax

A compilation of reporting from Missouri's Governor without veto power FINALLY discovers his Democratic Party roots . . .

Read Gov. Nixon's State of the State speech

Governor outlining budget, policy priorities for Missouri

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon wants to raise the pay of state employees while also cutting 190 positions in state government.

In State of State speech, Nixon urges more spending

WATCH: Gov. Nixon’s State of the State / GOP Response

All things considered, it was a marvelous speech to kick-off a session that doesn't seem focused on anything else but taking credit for the smallish victories of big biz enjoying huge tax breaks.


He didn't so he didn't said...

IF Jay had been willing to help some Democrats along the way, rather than constantly pandering to conservatives and pocketing the cash, he MIGHT have had some friends in that room last night.

Anonymous said...

Anything brought up about the 5.6 Million dollar jet airplane?

Anonymous said...

How many state jobs would that amount saved?