Tuesday, January 22, 2013


For starters, let's just admit that red light cameras in Kansas City are a fact of life. Like it or not, there are plans underway to expand the red light camera program and even bring speed cams to Kansas City, Missouri.

However . . .


Mixed feelings about this one . . .

Certainly, the schools would just waste it.

But, taking the money out of City Hall coffers would mean that local Council people would lose (some of) their incentive for putting these stoplight taxing machines in place.

So maybe a bit of triangular diplomacy is necessary.

Urging GOP Missouri Reps to support this would basically ruin the fun of Democratic Party dominated Kansas City and their stubborn refusal to think twice about this costly surveillance program.

Remember, in politics pretty much everything comes down to a fight about money.

As we enter budget discussions in KCMO it's important to realize that City Council is removing stoplights in the urban core but then plans to install more red light cameras that mostly catch traffic going east . . . So, maybe attacking the funding source of red light cameras is the only way to "encourage" Mayor and City Council to stop playing financial games with Kansas City's infrastructure and public safety.


- A nice move by a politico we don't like most of the time: Missouri Sen. Will Kraus has introduced a bill that would divert revenue from cameras away from cities to local school districts.

- Senate Bill 108 will send all proceeds of automated traffic enforcement cameras to the local school district where the cameras are located.

“Cities are still adding red light and speed cameras and profiting millions of dollars from these machines. While they say safety is the main concern, studies are mixed on the effectiveness of these devices,” said Sen. Kraus. “This legislation makes sure the cities are really after safety, and not a backdoor revenue increase.”

- The cameras also raised $1.4 million for Kansas City in the first 10 months of 2009. Kraus said his measure will give that money to education.

"This legislation makes sure the cities are really after safety and not a backdoor revenue increase," Sen. Kraus said.


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Anonymous said...

Should Kansas Shitty give red light revenue to schools?

Fuck No! The KCPS has squandered enough money. They need to account for the millions of revenue they already have. They've sold several school buildings. What is that money being spent on?

When is the state takeover, again?

Orphan of the Road said...

You mean the way the send the money from drug confiscations to the schools? (sarcasm font on)

The problem with education isn't there isn't enough money, it is the resources are used as the spoils by the school boards. Not limited to inner-city or urban schools.

I suggest the money be used to fund a program similar to this one. chuck, Super Dave, can I get an AMEN?


Thsi Is What We Should Do , In Order Of Importance said...

a) Banish these devices altogether.

b) Pass a law that the system can only issue a "Notice Of Violation For The Purpose Of Traffic Safety" detailing the alleged violation and encouraging the driver to drive more attentively - which involves NO FINES WHATSOEVER. This makes the money spent for the equipment, upkeep, administration, etc. a "Public Service". After all, it's "All About Safety", right? If that is what the public officials want to call it, then let it be about safety, and not revenue, BY LAW.

The proposed idea of giving the money stolen from the public to schools is only attractive as a last resort. How about all that tax money going to the schools? How about all that miraculous result from the LOTTO money that was promised? The schools are broken and need a complete re-do, not more money to WASTE.

Anonymous said...

First of all, there is NO correlation between red light cameras and education, therefore this question is a non-starter!
Nonetheless, I'm sure this won't stop some brainless politician from pushing this agenda.
On the other hand, the tax on vehicle fuels going towards road construction/maintenance would be a correlated matter.
Eliminate all red light cameras.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, give the extra revenue to the City Manager. He may need it to entice boxers to speak to the inner city youth.....

Anonymous said...

lol 1:18
The city is run by criminal dickheads handing money to criminal dickheads!

Anonymous said...

Why are they a fact of life? As has been shown in other cities all it will take is enough pissed off voters and the cameras are gone.