Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rosie Jones And Kansas City Morning Links!!!

Rosie Jones And Kansas City Morning Links

Rosie Jones and her delightful NSFW hottie modeling outtakes remind us that sometimes sleepy is a good thing . . . And so here are the Kansas City mainstream media links we're looking at this morning . . .

- Celebrating "The Great War" Fought Over Nothing At All: President Barack Obama has signed a bill placing Kansas City's World War I Museum and the Liberty Memorial at the center of the nation's observation of the upcoming World War I centennial.

- Meth Addicts Stay Winning: Copper thefts continue to plague NE and Kansas City

- Local Inspiration: Sister Berta challenges KC to help kids

- No respect in JoCo: Vandals topple headstones at Shawnee cemeteries

- Sunflower State Weed Work: State senator introduces medical marijuana bill to Kansas Senate

- Flyover states and national political divisions: Storm over federal disaster aid may hit Kansas and Missouri

- Kenyan Dude In Golden Ghetto Bar Ruckus: A Minnesota man is free after spending 11 months in a Johnson County jail on a rape and battery charges. He said he never did it.

- Suburban grifter: Excelsior Springs con man is sentenced to 11 years in prison

- Big Biz Isn't Coming To Save KC: Walmart Neighborhood Market Will Pay C.I.D. Taxes if Built

- Westwood, Kansas Expansion

- Getting work done amid global climate change: Mild winter spawns early Missouri highway construction season

- Twangy success: "The X Factor" champ and Belton native Tate Stevens has signed a record deal.


Anonymous said...

"fought over nothing at all"??? that's a pretty ignorant statement even coming from you, tony. maybe you should go visit the place.

Tony said...

I've been there . . . It's nice.

But WWI was one of the world's cruelest jokes and few historians can offer any explanation as to "WHY" the conflict took millions of innocent lives.

Still, the museum does a nice job of explaining the how and history of an otherwise pointless war that was supposed to end all wars.

Anonymous said...

T has a very valid point about WW1

Anonymous said...

Westwood Expansion?

More like how a sort of country club is taking over the city.

Anonymous said...

There is a special place in Hell reserved for copper thieves.

The N-word Guy said...

TOTALLY agree with Tony on this one!