Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rockhurst Drug Testing On Blast

NBC Action News reveals just one example of local Catholic paranoia entertaining the nation: Rockhurst drug policy hits national news

Huff Post: Rockhurst High School Will Cut Students' Hair For Mandatory Drug Testing


Anonymous said...

As a Rockhurst grad, and father of children, this policy is a fucking ridiculous intrusion on personal liberty. Shame on Rockhurst.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said you can have some of my curly asshole hairs.

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason asks:

Will all faculty and staff also be included in the mandatory random drug testing program?

Excuse me Father, but today is your day! Just take this cup into the bathroom and give us a sample of your urine, please.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing the Catholics have nothing else left to worry about except students' drug use.

Do they drug test priests, too? Oh, that might infringe on their freedoms. Never mind.

Anyone that actually pays money to a school for this invasion of privacy needs to see a psychiatrist.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've got a real picture of all of those elite, rich kids submitting to this. They will be taking the family law firm to school with them everyday and telling the school to kiss their ass.

Father Jesuit Perv said...

No it's OK....all I do is stick my Jesus chode up your ass and whatever anal hairs come off will work just fine. That's how all the schools are doing it now!

Anonymous said...

Well, most of those are cheap shots... we know virtually ALL of those boys didnt get bent over by priests.

They're mostly KCMO kids whose parents didn't want to deal with the black ghetto shit of the KCPS. So they're doing suburban school education like in JOCO and up north.

Advanced (AP) classes. Not downleveled education so black urban kids can pass a HS education. More advanced stuff to survive in technical college. After all, what's a really smart kid to do? Pretend he's a black?

This is why south KC families send their kids to Rockhurst even though they don't live in the suburbs where all kids are stupid!

Yeah, they'll do the drug tests, tho that's such a SERIOUS violation of their rights. See how easy we are to roll over?

JUST REMEMBER. Kids whose rights are violated and they know it, grow up very soon and will get BACK at you! And SCREW YOU BACK!

I have NO respect for school officials who are fascists. Vote NO on every school tax. Kids remember well that today's schools are prisons and you officials are Fascists!

Kinda like that old Johnny Carson joke "Remember your kids will choose your nursing home!"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they'll shut their mouths, grow up, be quiet and go to college, thanks very much, and walk away later. They know very well they're getting a good education and they'll take it. They're not dumb kids.

They'd been fine too if their parents lived in the suburbs where all schools are good. But the religion? Most kids know it's bullshit as do most of today's priests.

Anonymous said...

This is a case where obedient Catholics won't say what they truly believe because they LIVE in those Parishes and don't want to make waves.

The Catholic hierarchy (like the SCHOOLS) count on that to keep parents both quiet and obedient little Catholic families in their parishes.

But fact is, most parents don't like heavy-handed authoritarianism that comes from the top-down Church. Catholic members have ALWAYS resented priests running their parishes with such arrogance.

This is America, not the Vatican!

Which is probably why so many Americans walk away from the Church, leaving the traditional obedience to their parents and grandparents, who are not longed for this life!

Moreover, once we bury them in the Church they believed in all those years when they weren't drunk, we are long gone!

Anonymous said...

I saw one of the local news reports on Rockhurst. At the end of the news segment an administrator there said that it was the schools responsibility to get the students to do positive healthy things like avoiding drugs/alcohol and eating right. Her attitude is like a lot of these so called educators and school administrators today, we must indoctrinate the children so they will become good Sheeple. Since when has this character shaping become the primary missions of the school? Do these students come out prepared for college or work with skills that allow them to do critical and analytical thinking or skills that allow them to write a coherent sentence or to create a spreadsheet or use basic mathematics? I doubt that but then again, the schools now are not for learning but for indoctrination of values that will serve the corporate state.

Anonymous said...

6:58, don't forget to listen to the Alex Jones podcast.