Monday, January 21, 2013

Melissa Debling & Kansas City Midday Links

Melissa Debling and her completely NSFW woodsy hotness starts this survey of links we're looking at during the midday . . .

- Fox4 provides more detail on Kansas City cruelty and hobo persistence: KCMO Cracking Down on Homeless Camps

- Show-Me Real Estate Restrictions In An Already Crappy Market: MO bill targets sex offender home-buyers

- Wildcat Justice: A former Kansas State University English professor is claiming in a civil lawsuit that he did not receive an adequate defense in a 2005 trial that ended with his conviction for first-degree murder in his ex-wife's stabbing death.

- Sunflower State Standings: KU, K-State climb in polls, just in time for Showdown

- Reminder about urban core opportunity: Aim4peace Sponsors Job, Health and Educational Fair

- JoCo Food News Reminds Me That I Gotta Get Lunch: Old Shawnee Pizza brings its pies to Lenexa

- All The Biz Is Moving To UPPER Johnson County: New tenants for Leawood's Park Place


Anonymous said...

Aim4peace is a SCAM

Anonymous said...

Aim4Peace is a scam and a complete waste of funds and the mayor and council should cut it from this years budget. It is a worthless program that has shown ZERO positive results. Tracie Cole is a scam artist.

Anonymous said...

WHY are we still funding Aim4Peace???

Anonymous said...

Aim4Peace = Aim for the NIGGERS Piece of the money!! Although it certainly wasn't the start, the $15K fits nicely into this "equation"..