Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Megan Fox And Kansas City Links Tonight!!!

Megan Fox and her Esquire hotness start our evening round-up of Kansas City links.

- Already Kansas City Money Propaganda Starts: Proposed KC budget would spend more on streets and youth

- Lesson in local education fail: Should KCMO middle schools reopen?

- Constitutional beef coming up: Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is asking a federal appeals court to reinstate Missouri's law prohibiting desecration of the American flag, which a federal judge struck down last year.

- JoCo Drunk Info: Overland Park DUI Numbers From Last Year

- Meth Town Justice: Three Charged in Attack of Independence Delivery Driver

- Nasty local news: A trial is under way for a Kansas City man accused of trying to blackmail another man after secretly videotaping him having sex with a teenage girl.

- Show-Me new voting rules: Kander to Push for Early Voting in Missouri

- Missouri political rules: Republicans and governor at odds on how to fill Lt. Gov. post

- Midwest Nasty: Missouri Man Pleads Guilty in Teen Sex Slave Case

- MLK Legacy Award


Anonymous said...

Too bad somebody didn't shoot them. Let the guys family beat the shit out of them while they are handcuffed. White trash and meth. What a great combo. How much money could a Chinese food delivery guy have on him? 20? Drugs make people think so wisely. I hope that poor guy turns out to be alright. I hope these three get brutally ass-raped in prison for years. I take that back. Just for a couple of weeks, then they die of rectal bleeding. That way we don't have to pay for them.

Re: Three Charged in Attack of Independence Delivery Driver said...

They need to be beaten and tossed into the sewage plant retention ponds.

Scumbag MF'ers.

Anonymous said...

While NIGGERS have an excuse (being sub-human), these three assholes have no such reason to behave this way. Fucking jerks need to serve some long time in the state facility. Hell, if the victim dies, perhaps they should too?