Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lucy Collett And Kansas City Links Tonight!!!

Lucy Collett and her special brand of Brit NSFW redhead hotness bring this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links tonight . . . Check it:

- Search Giant Affiliation Is This Town's Only Selling Point: Google targeting Super Bowl ad to Kansas City

- Shark caught: KC lawyer admits role in money laundering conspiracy

- A lesson in preparation: KC educator supports 1st-grade gun class

- Company hopes a flash mob isn't in the leaves: Teavana will open on the Plaza

- Lots of cash for 3rd place: Bubba Starling is Royals' highest-rated prospect by

- Crackdown on collective bargaining: Kansas Legislature muscles through anti-union bills

- Plane Explanation For Gov. Jay: Missouri Highway Patrol commander defends state plane purchase

- Tasty lactose: Shatto Milk rolling out five limited-edition flavors

- More Details On Mayor Sly's Hire: Hand leaves PIEA to become KC’s chief innovation officer

- Follow The Toy Train: Kansas City Streetcar Authority starts mapping its itinerary

- Hard Landing: Man sentenced for packing gun at KCI

- Kansas City Deep Freeze: Couple of cold days and nights for metro area


Anonymous said...

No Glazer tonight. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

just wait

Anonymous said...

I just leave for a couple days when Glazer's ugly mug up here. Works like a charm.

Anonymous said...

Glazer's ugly mug pops up, sorry about the grammar error.

Anonymous said...

Street car yes construction is to begin this summer, and if all goes as planned, (don't hold your breath) the streetcar system will be operational in the summer of 2015.

My educated guess (being from Kansas City) is cost over runs and unforeseen expenses will come into the picture six months into it.

Anonymous said...

Then it's back to begging the Feds for more easy money to get halfway finished before Obama leaves office and the spigot is turned off.

Anonymous said...

So Hand is supposed to solve the City's problems. Well, can she undo the mayor's complete cave in to local 500? Can she get the KCFD make the cuts they agreed last year to make (they still have not). Hardly a recipe for success.

Anonymous said...

Glazer's dog-butt Ugly !

Anonymous said...

Glazer is cuter than Hand. Probably more creative, too.