Monday, January 28, 2013

Liz Hurley And Kansas City Links Tonight!!!

Elizabeth Hurley legendary hotness and a roll of the dice on these Kansas City Mainstream media links . . .

- A Lesson In Neighborhood Concern: Safe Zone Around Kansas City School

- Show-Me Analysis: New Session, Old Issues In Missouri

- Gov. Jay Speaks: Governor outlining budget, policy priorities for Missouri

- As expected: Sanders re-elected as Missouri Demo chair

- Strange Newsie Confession: Confession: I’ve never licked my cat, nor eaten its hair like this woman does

- Local rehab of note: Refurbishing Old Houses in Excelsior Springs

- Mythbusting dangerous Internets rumors: Jabulani Leffall says he's not in hiding and won't talk about on-air resignation from KCUR


Anonymous said...

Other than Tony, no one has noticed that Leffall left.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Hurley is a senior citizen. Nice that tony is giving her and other fossils like Nicole Kidman time.

Anonymous said...

That fucking NIGGER got kicked off the radio and should have been. He was terrible!! Piss on that coon, let him work at the carwash..

Anonymous said...

Tony thought he was quite the cat's meow when he started at KCUR. Then I never heard of him again.