Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lindsey Strutt And Kansas City Early Links!!!

Lindsey Strutt and her NSFW EPIC MORNING HOTNESS starts our search for the Kansas City mainstream media links we find most interesting.

- Cowtown Sickness And Flu News: Avoiding Kansas City Germy Places Other Than Local Party Districts.

- The "guns on the table" presser: TSA shows off confiscated contraband

- For Half A Dozen Local Jazz Fans: Check Kansas City's Rising Jazz Stars

- Show-Me Fear: Radon is under the radar for many Missouri home owners

- Nasty Country Music Charges: An Overland Park talent scout was arrested Monday for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl in Nashville, Tenn.

- KCK Art Celebration For Students

- Update On Kansas City Peace Politics: KC's future in nuclear biz up to a vote

- Suburban Slap On The Wrist Coming Soon: Investigation wraps up on 'kill list' found at LS North

- This one is just for me: Armadillos in Kansas?

- All About The Magical Unicorn Theater

TKC LINK NOTE . . . For weeks, months and years . . . Occasionally, there's some d-bag who doesn't understand our linking. Not to give haters too much play . . . Then again sometimes it's important to show that we'll answer criticism ANY TIME, ANY PLACE.

Simple explanation: We link because we love . . . Just like our influences: Drudge, Kottke, Missouri's own John Combest and most of Twitter.

As always, we encourage our readers to find ANYTHING better to do with their limited time if they don't enjoy the TKC mix . . . Which is exceptionally SAUCY this morning. Natch.


Obama, Napolitano, Holder = Criminals said...

TSA = Jack-Booted Thugs, Security Theatre, Government Out Of Control

Anonymous said...

Less is more Tony.

Anonymous said...

Chuck get his med's this morning?

Anonymous said...

This "talent scout" needs to be taken out and taught that we don't do this sort of thing.