Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lacy Banghard And Kansas City Midday Links

Her name is Lacy Banghard. That's right. Lacy Banghard and she might be my favorite new hottie model in the whole wide world given this debut photo set.

Also, here are the Kansas City links I'm checking:

- Another Tragic Cowtown Beat Down: Police find man brutally beaten on porch of KC home

- Tax Breaks For Everybody: Two housing redevelopment projects approved for Crossroads Arts District

- Show-Me Crackdown On Dirty Comics: Missouri man gets 3 years for porn cartoons

- Old Dude Discovered After Travel: Missing 93-year-old KC man found safe in Ottawa

- Sunflower State Protection: A bill proposed in the Kansas Senate would increase penalties for human trafficking and try to protect victims under the age of 18.

- Show-Me Tech Presser: Gov. Jay Launches Digital Sandbox On Friday

- Golden Ghetto Crime Collaboration: Residents help Prairie Village PD nab burglary suspect

- Hostess Buyer Coming Soon, Twinkies Could Be Safe

- Kansas City Coffee Culture Success: Oddly Correct makes Eater's 21 Hottest Coffee Shops Across the U.S.

- Off-Season Profile: Three good questions for: Sporting Kansas City center back Matt Besler

- Highway Ruckus: Missouri Trooper Shoots, Kills Driver During Struggle

- Kansas City Students Learn That Right To Privacy Is A Thing Of The Past: Drug test breakdown for local schools

Update . . . Also, there's a bomb scare in Midtown right now . . . Obviously, we'll keep following it and hopefully it turns out to be nothing.


Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you fuck around with the Missouri Highway Patrol...Dumb fuck. Oh yeah, DEAD dumb fuck..

Anonymous said...

that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Justice was Served

Anonymous said...

That is one more they won't have to rehabilitate.